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Head In a Box

Will isn't seeing the whole picture.

‘Head In A Box’ is a short film about our modern world’s reliance on social media and how it can affect our capacity to relate to people honestly and respectfully. Surprisingly, it’s a topic we haven’t seen explored considering the popularity of meme culture online. In fact we seem to be overrun with viral imagery on a daily basis so a story like this felt quite timely.

The story follows Will, a young man taking the bus home. Immersed in blogging and texting on his phone. He’s in a world of his own, until a man takes the seat in front of him. This man has an unsightly skin problem and a large mole. Rather than ignore him or be sympathetic, Will takes a photo of the man and posts it online to get some kicks from his followers. This all goes to plan until his phone dies and he has to confront the real world.